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JKBOSE Textbooks For Class 5th Download

Check here JK BOSE : Textbooks for class 5th  Class, courses and syllabus. As many students of  JKBOSE are looking for Textbooks , courses and syllabus, here in this article we are providing info on Study  Material, courses and syllabus. You can get here list of various Textbooks offered by JK BOSE and download links of Textbooks of all courses offered by JK BOSE . Let’s check here details on JK BOSE : Textbooks for class 5th  Class, courses and syllabus.

Serial No. Upload Date Title View Doc
1 22/08/2020 URDU 5th (From page No 52 to 105) Download
2 22/08/2020 URDU 5th (From page No 01 to 51) Download
3 22/08/2020 Textbook : Sheena : Class V Download
4 22/08/2020 Textbook : Pahari : Class V Download
5 22/08/2020 Textbook : Gojri : Class V Download
6 03/10/2018 Textbook : Maths : Class V Download
7 03/10/2018 Textbook : Hindi : Class V Download
8 03/10/2018 Textbook : EVS : Class V Download
9 03/10/2018 Textbook of English for Class – V Download

Study Material, Question Papers and Textbooks

The study materials, assignments, question papers, and books are collected and downloaded from the official source of JK BOSE like JK BOSE  Webservices, etc. We do not produce any materials of our own and all materials that are uploaded at are copyrighted by JK BOSE officials only

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You can download the textbooks for all subjects including English, Hindi, Urdu, Math, Science, and Social Science. Once you click the download button, the textbook will be downloaded in PDF format, which you can save on your computer or mobile device for future reference.


 Q: What is JKBOSE?

A: JKBOSE (Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education) is the primary board of school education in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Q: What are the textbooks offered by JKBOSE?

A: JKBOSE offers textbooks for various subjects and classes, including Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Urdu, EVS (Environmental Studies), and regional languages like Gojri, Dogri, Balti, Pahari, etc.

Q: Where can I find JKBOSE textbooks?

A: JKBOSE textbooks are available on the official website of JKBOSE. They can also be found on other educational websites.

Q: Are JKBOSE textbooks available in both English and local languages?

A: Yes, JKBOSE textbooks are available in both English and local languages.

Q: Are JKBOSE textbooks free of cost?

A: No, JKBOSE textbooks are not free of cost. They have to be purchased from authorized bookstores or online.

Q: What is the quality of JKBOSE textbooks?

A: JKBOSE textbooks are designed by subject matter experts and are based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the board. They are of good quality and provide a strong foundation for students to prepare for their exams.

Q: Are there any additional resources available for JKBOSE students?

A: Yes, JKBOSE students can access additional resources such as previous year question papers, model papers, and sample papers from the official website of the board or from other educational websites.

Q: Can students download JKBOSE textbooks?

A: Yes, students can download JKBOSE textbooks from the official website of the board. They can also be downloaded from other educational websites.

Q: Is it mandatory to use JKBOSE textbooks for board exams?

A: Yes, it is recommended to use JKBOSE textbooks for board exams as they are designed according to the syllabus prescribed by the board. Using other books may not cover the entire syllabus or may have different content, which can result in lower scores in exams.


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