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Fatima Shahba Written The Holy Quran By Hand With Great Beauty

Fatima Shahba written the Holy Quran By Hand with great beauty

Fatima Shahba, who lives in Kannur Kerala, has written the Holy Quran of Allah with her own hands with great beauty.

It took Fatima one year and two months to complete the Quran.

Hydrabad: In the initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic when there was chaos all over the world and people had no idea of how to kill their time, some used the opportunity to hone their skills and pursue their passions.

Fatima Shoaib is one of those who used the lockdown period fruitfully.

A 12th grader studying interior designing Fatima Shoaib has also interest in calligraphy. She has also done a course in calligraphy and often writes in ornamental style in her spare time.

Making good use of her skill during the lockdown, Shoaib completed writing the Qur’an by hand. It took her 14 months to handwrite the holy book.

Fatima Shoaib hails from Kundalpur town in Kannur district of Kerala state. Her father Abdul Rauf is a well respected man in the town.

She had taken some precautions while writing the Qur’an. She has rechecked each and every word she wrote. This means that she wrote several drafts.

In addition to the simple pencil, Fatima also used the Gloucester pencil in the project. Her writing is so beautiful that people are visiting her home to see it.

Fatima Shoaib says she is very happy that she was able to “write the Holy Quran thanks to the full support of my family.”

“I used to spend three to four hours a day on it, but I had to stay home because of the lockdown, so I had a lot of time to do it,” she says.

This Qur’an prepared by Fatima has 607 pages. Fatima Shoaib’s father lives in Muscat, Oman. Fatima has also spent her childhood in Muscat.

In response to a question, Fatima Shoaib said that she will keep this special copy with her. “If someone wants he can make a copy or a photocopy of this.” She said.

Besides her parents, Fatima Shoaib has also thanked her sister Safa and brother Muhammad for their support.

Fatima’s mother Nadia says that her daughter’s work was a special gift from Allah.

People are sharing the pictures of the Qur’an written by her on social media and congratulations are pouring in from all sides for shoaib for completing such an important task.

Official Sources: Awaz The Voice


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