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How Elon Musk's 42000 satellites will terraform the Earth?

 How Elon Musk's 42000 satellites will terraform the Earth?

When you check out the amount of satellites, what they're doing and what they represent, it's really a vision of trying to possess the planet in your clutches. With every inch of land on Earth now catalogued by satellites, the celebs are subsequent place we as a species must travel. And with a booming world population which will hit 9.1 billion in 2050, large-scale spaceflight may become a necessity.

“Starlink may be a globe-encircling network of internet-beaming satellites that's trying to urge you online regardless of where you're within the world”, explained by Dave Mosher on the upcoming plan of infamous SpaceX 42000 satellites will Terraform the Earth for a far better coverage and network competencies.

This is an ambitious dream project that Musk is concentrated on sending around 42,000 satellites to space within the forthcoming decade.

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