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What will Happen if we build a ring system around Earth?

 What will Happen if we build a ring system around Earth?

Planets that are distanced from the sun have icy rings around them. However, due to Earth's closeness to the sun, it's icy rings cannot withhold the impact of the sun. 

So the earth has orbited the sun for billions of years without a ring.

In 1982, Paul Birch proposed the concept of the Orbital ring around the earth. 

According to Paul, this ring will cost about $31trillion to construct. To learn more about Paul Birch's concept watch this 

We may likely source of materials for this gigantic project can be sourced from space and on earth.

Currently, we are no way close to bringing this massive structure into a reality.

However, future civilization may decide to build a ring around the earth because of some reasons.

According to a source, a ring around the earth will reflect more sunlight to earth. However, the ring need to have similar features to natural rings of Saturn, Jupiter and and rest. To learn more from this theory visit, 

If future civilization figured out how to make a ring around the earth, this action will reflect more energy from the sun 🌞 and improve the solar power generated on earth.

However, the ability of the rings to reflect the sunlight has to depend on the materials used and concept deployed in building it. 

Hence, an extension research will be conducted with the aid of future Technologies to create the best materials for this gigantic structure.

The need to power future Technologies with more energies from the sun will push future civilization to bring this idea into a reality.

Keep in mind that the future ring system will not resemble the image shown below. It must be an applicable concept, otherwise, no one will consider making such a construction.

Do you believe in the future of orbital ring system around the earth?

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