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What do we benefit from building a Space Elevator?

 What do we benefit from building a Space Elevator?

In 1895, a Russian Scientist named Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, proposed the concept of Space Elevator. Tsiolkovsky derived his inspiration from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

This fututristic idea was technically impossible to Astronomers and Scientists in the 20th century.

Fast Forward to the 21st century, people are still wondering how it will be brought to life.

In the quest to bring the future closer, The Obayashi Corporation, a Japanese based construction company plans to build a space elevator by 2050.

The company intend to use nanotube technologies in bringing this futuristic idea to reality.

This project may appear quite complex based on our current level in Technology. However, the Japanese company believed that Technologies to bring this vision to reality will be made available before 2050.

Space Elevator will certainly make space trip affordable and accessible to everyone. 

We may not need rocket to send Astronauts or cargos to low earth orbit. However rockets will still be needed for the long space trip such as traveling to Mars and beyond.

The ride to space on this technology will be smooth and easy.

If the Obayashi Corporation eventually brings this vision to a reality, the future of space exploration will be revolutionize by the invention.

 Will you accept a travel to space using the space elevator?

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