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Are we limited to the amount of solar energy we get from the sun?

 Are we limited to the amount of solar energy we get from the sun?

During the second industrial age, more advanced technologies began to emerge from the creativity of inventors.

In 1881, Charles Fritts designed the first commercial solar panel to tap the energy from the sun. He intended to create another source of energy for humanity. 

At that time, people compared his idea with the energy gotten from coal-fired power plants. They thought solar panels were an inefficient energy source to use.

Fast forward to the 21st century, The world has understood the dangers associated with many sources of energy used to power our engines. 

The environmental impact is so devastating, and it resulted in climate change. The quest for a cleaner energy source started Charles Fritts’ invention. However, inventors in the 21st century redesigned solar panels to make them absolve more energy from the sun.

Currently, most people prefer to energize their homes and offices with modernized solar panels. But despite the creative ideas behind solar panels, we are yet to tap the full energy the sun provides earth. 

As we plan to send humans to Mars, the need for more sophisticated technologies will be required for the success of this mission. 

Can you suggest ways we can use to absolve more energy from the sun for the success of manned missions to deep space?

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