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Meet Mushtaq Akhoon, the Kashmir's Kehwa sensation

Tourists feel mesmerised after sipping Kehwa with 16 ingredients in famous Dal Lake

Srinagar, Oct 10: As Mushtaq Hussain Akhoon, a Kashmiri Kehwa seller, nudges his boat gently in the interiors of Dal Lake, he can often be spotted followed by the tourists.

Locals as well as tourists like his Kehwa, which he claims to be very special. Akhoon said that he experimented with Kashmiri Kehwa by mixing 16 different ingredients, which resulted into a refreshing drink.

 “I was earlier associated with Kashmiri handicrafts. Now, it has been eight years since I sold my special Kehwa to tourists at Dal Lake. I mix 16 different ingredients including almond, cardamom, cashews, chai patti (tea leaves), cinnamon, dates, ginger , honey, mulethi, shangram and saffron and others to make a very refreshing drink,” he told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

Akhoon said every day at least 100 tourists drink his Kehwa, which costs just Rs 50 per cup.

“For the last few years, my Kehwa has become a compulsory drink for tourists. They like the aroma of my Kehwa since it is being prepared in front of them. I got good reviews so far which encourages me to make it even better,” he said.

What made Akhoon, a famous personality at Dal Lake, is the constant coverage of his Kehwa by food vloggers.

He has been featured by the food blogging pages like Dil Se Foodie Official, Kashmir Food Gram, Food Founder, Veggie Wander and others.

“Food vloggers after relishing my Kehwa like it a lot. They shot the entire video of its preparation and shared their experience with their viewers. Since then I am being recognized by the people who visit from different parts of India. They drink my Kehwa and share their experiences,” he said.

Akhoon said his Kehwa remains in good demand during the winters when temperature in Kashmir drops sub-zero.

“The specialty of Kehwa is that it warms one’s body. The ingredients in Kehwa are helpful in treating diseases like cold, cough and headache,” he said.

With Arabic origins, Kahwa—often spelled Kehwa or Kahwah—is now a common ingredient in Kashmiri cooking. The u unique recipe, which also contains green tea, cardamom, crushed almonds, cloves, and Kashmiri rose, is nothing short o

f ecstasy in a cup—(KNO)


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