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Budgam District State Land Encroachers List released, Download PDF

Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir: The Divisional Commissioner Kashmir has released the much-anticipated District Budgam State Land Encroachers List. The list comprises of individuals who have been occupying state land under the now-repealed Roshni Act 2001.

The Roshni Act, which was enacted in 2001, aimed to vest ownership of state land to individuals who had been occupying it for a specified period of time. However, the act was later repealed due to concerns about its legality and fairness.

List of Beneficiaries of Roshni Act/Encroachers of State Land

Proforma AApproved & Mutation attested thereafter
Proforma BApproved but Mutation not attested
Proforma CState land encroachment(recorded in revenue records,other than Roshni)
Proforma DState land encroachment(Physically) but not shown in Revenue records(other than Roshni)

Click on the Numbers given in the Table below here to download the PDF in your Mobile or in Laptop.

S.No Date Proforma-A (No.of Entries) Proforma-B (No.of Entries) Proforma-C (No.of Entries) Proforma-D (No.of Entries)
1 25-11-2020 8 4
2 05-12-2020 36 28 265
3 07-12-2020 11 39 36 52
4 10-12-2020 34 93
5 12-12-2020 67 33
6 12-01-2021 44 22 262 304
7 27-01-2021 106 24 1042 55
8 01-02-2021 47 268 100 509
9 02-02-2021 57 183 4495 1222
10 03-02-2021 66 111 - 463
11 19-02-2021 468 667
12 01-04-2021 Consolidated/ Updated Consolidated/ Updated

Moreover we will update this List in next few days and will add more families who have benefited with State land under Roshni Act.

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The release of the encroachments list by the Divisional Commissioner has caused a stir among the residents of Ganderbal, as it holds far-reaching consequences for those named on the list.

According to sources, the individuals named on the list may face legal action to reclaim the state land they have occupied. The local authorities have declined to comment on the matter, and it remains unclear what specific actions will be taken against those on the list.

However, it is widely expected that the local government will take strict measures to reclaim the state land and ensure that it is used for public good. The release of the encroachments list is a significant step towards restoring the legality and fairness of land ownership in Jammu and Kashmir.

The public is advised to seek guidance from a local lawyer or relevant authorities for a more accurate interpretation of the situation and any potential legal consequences.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story

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