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Kashmiri woman starts frozen food venture, becomes inspiration for others.

 Kashmiri woman starts frozen food venture, becomes inspiration for others.

A good example of this can be taken from Kashmir’s Dr. Rukhsar Saeed, who started her own business after completing her PhD in Food Technology and emerged as the first woman from the Kashmir Valley to start a frozen food venture. Today Dr. Rukhsar is not only earning herself but also is providing employment to many other women.

This achievement of Dr. Rukhsar is also important because after marriage she nurtured her hobby along with raising her two children. Dr. Rukhsar says that her in-laws helped her in every possible way.

This venture called ‘Khalis’ was started by Dr. Rukhsar in 2019. “Pure Food” offers a wide range of frozen chicken products, ready to fry / bake. Each product is carefully manufactured using quality ingredients, she says.

According to Dr. Rukhsar, the idea came to her while raising her two children when she felt the need for food that was easy to prepare and of good quality.

“I came up with the name ‘Khalis’ because I wanted to make my food pure, food that is easily available and doesn’t compromise on quality and taste,” she said.

Dr. Rukhsar said, “Sarting a small food business at home after obtaining a doctorate in food technology has always been my dream. I was always surprised by the concept and preservation of frozen food. I tried to prepare such frozen snacks in which the freshness and taste could be maintained and with God’s grace I succeeded in this.

“After a lot of hard work and effort I have made them easily available for the foodies while retaining the freshness and taste without compromising on quality. The aim was to provide easy to cook and ready to eat halal snacks.”

This venture of Dr. Rukhsar is getting a lot of popularity among the public. “Khalis” products are also available at many departmental stores in Srinagar district while they are also available online. Rukhsar has emerged as an inspiration for other girls in the Kashmir valley.


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