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Employees Bonus Update: Amount up to Rs 4,00,000 will come in the account on 15th September, know full details here

There is good news for thousands of Tata Steel employees. Tata Steel has announced bonus for its employees. Under the Tata Steel Bonus Agreement between the management and the union on Friday, a total bonus of Rs 317 crore will be given to the employees this year. Under this, the employees will benefit from 1 to 4 lakh.

The same gift of 20 thousand rupees will be given separately. A total of 23,710 employees of Tata Steel will get the benefit of this. The special thing is that this year Rs 317.51 ​​crore will be distributed as bonus among 23,710 employees of Tata Steel including Jamshedpur Unit, Tubes Division, Tisco Growth Shop, Mines, Collieries, Kalinganagar, Jamadoba, Jharia, West Bokaro, FAMD, Kolkata Office. .. This amount is Rs 47.23 crore more than the previous year.

On the basis of the formula, the management has given a maximum bonus of 20 percent due to the amount exceeding the bonus act. Apart from this, 20 thousand rupees will be given as goodwill amount to all the employees. This amount will be Rs 47.42 crore. Last year, a bonus of Rs 270.28 crore was received among 25,400 employees.

This time the bonus and goodwill amount will be sent to the bank account of the employees on 15th September. Maximum Rs 4,58,411 and minimum Rs 116527 will be available.

The maximum bonus in NS grade is Rs 1 lakh 16 thousand 527, in NS grade the minimum bonus is Rs 41 thousand 448 and in steel the maximum bonus is Rs 4 lakh 58 thousand 441, while the average bonus is Rs 1 lakh 54 thousand 457. 12,213 employees of Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur and Tubes division will get a bonus of Rs 188.64 crore this year. Last year, Rs 158.31 crore was distributed among 12,558 employees.

In this way, employees will get Rs 30.33 crore more bonus this year as compared to last year. Employees will get a total cash gift of Rs 47 crore 42 lakh, this amount will be given to the employees of all plants like Noamundi, Kalinganagar etc. of Tata Steel. The number of these employees is 23 thousand 710.

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