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8 Health Benefits of Eating Peanuts in Winters


● With the arrival of winter season, the market is flooded with a fresh supply of peanuts. Peanuts are the most relished nuts, whether raw or roasted. In fact, many Indian cuisine uses peanuts in their culinary styles. People enjoy eating cracking the shells of peanuts and popping the nuts in their mouth while jabbering in the sun. This scene is quite common to be seen during winters. But is it just a pass time? Actually, no! Peanut is more than just a nut. There are several things that peanut do for your health. Don’t believe me? Check the health benefits of peanuts during winters in this article.

1. Controls Weight Gain
Peanuts make your tummy fuller than any other higher calorie snack. This way you can control your calorie consumption and you’ll be less tempted to a snack of fat-loaded foods. Hence, peanut keeps your weight in check during winters.

2. It Keeps Cancer at Bay
Peanut contains a high amount of phytosterols which is also known as beta-sitosterol. Phytosterols are medically famous for reducing the spread of tumour cells and reducing the size of the tumour growth. Thus, protection against cancer is insured.

3. It Keeps Cholesterol in Balance
Peanuts contain the mono-unsaturated fatty acids and they help in maintaining the balance between good and bad cholesterol in our body. It also keeps the blood sugar level in check. Peanuts are very beneficial for those who’re suffering from diabetes.

4. Lessens the Risk of Stroke
Peanuts are rich in antioxidants and minerals which thereby reduces the chances of stroke or heart diseases. The tryptophan in peanuts helps in fighting against depression. Consume a handful of peanuts daily to stay happy.

5. Increases Fertility
Peanuts are rich in folic acids prevents the risk of birth defects in the newborn baby. To lower the risk of birth defects, start consuming peanuts if you’re in an early stage of pregnancy.

6. Glowing Skin with Peanuts
Yes, it is true. The monounsaturated acids and resveratrol in peanuts aid in hydrating and replenishing your skin. Isn’t it surprising that something as small as a peanut can be so wonderful for your skin?

7. Prevents Diabetes
There’s a good news for diabetic people. You can munch on a handful of peanuts while soaking the sun during winters to control your blood sugars. This is no hoax. Manganese present in peanuts is helpful in controlling the blood sugar level in the body. If there’s someone in your family suffering from diabetes, make him consume a handful of peanuts to control his diabetes.

8. Peanuts is Good for Your Hair
Peanuts are a powerhouse of several nutrients which are no less than a hair tonic for your mane. The L-arginine in the peanuts are known for promoting the hair growth. If you’re suffering from hairfall during winters, then munch on some peanuts to control your hair loss.


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