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Big News : With 1 & 2 Rupee Old Indian Coin You Can Earn Upto 10 Lakh Rupees , Know Details Here

Currently, people are looking for a way to earn while sitting at home, in such a situation, you too can become a millionaire with old notes and coins. Just for this, you find these two coins of yours, whose value kept in the house is decreasing. Remove it from your collection for sale you can earn a lot with this process.

Register on Quikr instantly

Let us tell you that in the year 1994 and 2000, two coins of these two rupees were issued by RBI. With these coins you can become a millionaire. But provided that the country’s flag and India’s map should be on the back of these coins. You can sell it on Quikr’s website, whose coins have been priced at Rs 5 lakh. In this way, by selling two coins, you can earn up to ten lakh rupees. At the same time, before independence, the value of a silver coin bearing the mark of Queen Victoria is being told as Rs 2 lakh.

How to register for this coin

-First of all you have to register by visiting the site.

-After that click on the picture of the coin.

-Later upload it on the site.

-Buyers will contact you directly.

-Write down the price according to it.

-The customer can order the coin from you for the given amount.

Complete the process by visiting the link given below

If you want to sell your coin, you have to go to this link ( for that. In this, you have to register your account by filling your name, number, e-mail as well as many details. After that login by entering your User ID and Password.

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