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How is NASA preparing for Manned Missions to Mars?

 How is NASA preparing for Manned Missions to Mars?

NASA is one of the Space agencies that hope to send Astronauts to Mars by next decade. The space Agency has already achieved a great milestone by sending the first human to the moon.

Before NASA succeeded in sending humans to the moon, the space Agency worked extra hard to achieve this milestone.

But to send humans to the Mars, more tasks are required to be executed by the space Agency. 

Since Mars is hundreds of million miles away from earth, the first NASA's Martian Astronauts need to participate in numerous training before embarking on this Journey.

So how's NASA preparing Astronauts for this space mission to Mars?

On August 2021, NASA opened an application urging interested individuals hoping to reach Mars someday to register. 

The space agency has already built a 3D Printed MARS habitat where the selected participants will spend about a month living in under Mars environmental condition in this habitat. 

This Mars Simulation created by NASA has similar environmental features of Mars. Throughout the 1 month training, the selected participants will experience what it seems like to live on Mars.

This application request closed on September 2021, and we hope that the selected participants will commence with their training anytime soon.

But is one month enough to prepare Astronauts for Mars?

Astronauts can acquire alot of training with a Month. But they cannot learn everything within the period of one month.

NASA may end their stay in the Mars Simulation after one month, but the space Agency will likely commence with another level of training for the selected Martian crew. 

NASA hopes to send the selected crew to this Mars Simulation at the Fall of 2022. 

The success of this training will determine the next bold Step NASA will take in Colonizing Mars.

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