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Why is China Building Artificial Sun?

 Why is China Building Artificial Sun?

No one could ever believe that scientists can attain the milestone of creating a nuclear powered artificial sun. 

But as we move closer to a future where we require surplus amount of energy sources to power Futuristic Technologies, Scientists saw the need for new inventions.

So what effort has been made so far?

In the quest to produce a cleaner source of energy, Chinese Scientists came together to build a 1 trillion dollar nuclear powered artificial sun. 

This project was named, The EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) nuclear fission.

The experiment broke it's first record in 2003 when the plasma maintained a similar temperature for about 390 seconds.

In May 2021, EAST set a new record where it remained active for 101 seconds maintaining a temperature of 216 million F (120 million C).

The latest record created by the nuclear reactor was actualized recently when the Nuclear reactor maintained a steady temperature of 158 million degrees Fahrenheit (70 million degrees Celsius) for about 1,056 seconds.

This new milestone made the artificial sun to generate heat that is 5 times hotter than the sun.

The success of this experience already made the future of humanity to appear more Promising than ever.

As space lovers, we should have every reason to be excited at the milestone attained by the nuclear reactor.

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