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Why are we going to Mars?

 Why are we going to Mars?

As our Technological advancement is taking a different level, we need a new environment to test our new inventions. 

In the past, we invented cars, airplanes, space rockets and many others. More crazy inventions are coming out as we move closer to the future. 

Mars is the perfect testing ground for our advanced Technologies. 

Without sending Astronauts to survive and thrive on Mars, we may be limited towards becoming the advanced civilization we always dreamt of. 

The quest to sustain life on Mars, have pushed scientists to began advance research on fututristic Technologies. 

If they succeed with these ideas, we can deploy some of them in improving lives on earth and thriving in the world beyond earth.

When we succeed in colonizing Mars with the aid of advanced Technologies, our next mission may be Europa or Titan.

Our ability to travel around the solar system highly depend on our Technological advancement.

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