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What is a Robotic Arm?

 What is a Robotic Arm?

Ever since the space race began in the mid 20th Century, several innovative solutions were created to make space exploration become safer for Astronauts.

One of the innovative solution created for the safety of Astronauts is the Robotic Arm.

In 1981, Canadarm became the first Robotic Arm to be tested in orbit. This robotic arm was tested on the Space Shuttle Columbia during the Space missions of SLS 2. 

However, it's first operational use was deployed during the SLS 3 space missions.

After the International Space Station  was launched in 1998, an upgraded robotic arm named Canadarm 2 was launched to the ISS in 2001.

This robotic space arm helps in performing external maintenance services at the ISS. It also supports Astronauts during a Spacewalk, and can carry large payload as well.

Has the idea of space station robotic arms helped us on earth in any way?

Scientists have derived inspiration from the Space robotic arm to invent a sophisticated Medical Technology for surgery. 

The robotic aid invented for medical purposes has helped to save thousands of lives.

This is the primary reason why we need to support our space program. 

With the inventions created for future space missions, we can always figure out how to improve the standard of living on earth.

What do you think about Canadarm 2?

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