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What Happened to Venus?

 What Happened to Venus?

Before we learn about how Venus became a dead planet, let's travel 4.5 billion years into the past to see how to planet was formed in the first place.

Around 4.5 billion year ago, gravity began to pull swirling gas and space dust together. 

This Astronomical event resulted to massive collision of space dust and gas to form the hellish planet of Venus.

After the formation of the planet, Venus began to settle down and attempt getting an earth like environment.

After 1.5 billion years after it's formation, Venus slowly developed a livable condition similar to earth.

Studies conducted in 2019, proved that Venus may have retained water and a livable condition similar to earth about 3 billion years. 

So what happened to Venus?

According to Scientists, Venus Habitable condition lasted only for 1 billion years. 

After that, the solar wind which has been disrupting Venus began to sweep away it's atmosphere.

Since Venus does not have intrinsic magnetic field to protect it's top atmosphere from the solar wind, the wind penetrated deep into the planet to cause continuous loss of hydrogen, helium and other lighter gases.

This devastating condition made the planet to lose its water and Habitable condition.

The once Habitable planet suddenly became hellish and toxic to sustain any living cells.

Based on recent data collection, the current surface of Venus volcanic lava plains.

 Scientists recorded that Venus is mostly flooded with lava. 

These conditions has made it impossible for Scientists to study the planet with a rover.

But as we upgrade our knowledge in physics, we may figure out how to land a rover and Explore the hellish planet.

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