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Can we manipulate gravity in the future?

 Can we manipulate gravity in the future?

We have used our upgraded knowledge in science to create amazing technologies that brought us to this highest. But the greatest challenging facing humanity is breaking the laws of gravity and doing the impossible in the future.

If we never cared about deep space exploration, no one will ever think of breaking the laws of gravity. But as we developed a unique interest to reach a new world, the idea of breaking the laws of gravity suddenly became a real thing. 

So how can we break this law?

Many scientists have proposed the concept of artificial gravity as the first step to manipulating gravity. 

But how can we achieve this?

Artificial gravity can be made with the aid of centripetal force. To create a centripetal force in future space stations, we have to add gigantic rotation wheels to move in circular paths. 

This circular movement will create a centripetal force to provide artificial gravity to astronauts aboard the space station.

The smart minds behind the Voyager space station plan to build the space station with artificial gravity.

The construction of the Voyager space station will begin by 2025, and we hope that the idea become a reality before the next decade.

What other ways can we manipulate the laws of gravity?

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