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Why is Masjid AQSA important to Muslims ?


#Why #Is #Masjid #Al-#Aqsa #So #Important #For #Muslims?

1) The First Qiblah For Muslims.

2) The Station Of Al-Isra and Al-Mi'raj.

3) The Second House of Allah Built On Earth.

4) The Place Where Miracles Shown By Allah Will.

5) The Place Hundreds Of Messengers Are Buried.

6) The Place Where Many Companions Of Allah's Messenger Are Buried.

7) A Place Where Allah Himself Calls A Blessed Place.

8) Referred To Directly And Indirectly. 70 Times In The Qur'an.

9) The Place Where Angels Have Descended With Allah Message.

10) The Only Place On The Earth Where All The Messengers of Allah Prayed At The Same Time Led By Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

12) The Only Masjid Mentioned By The Name In The Qur'an Apart From The Ka'bah 🕋.

This is not any ordinary land. This is a holy, blessed, sanctified land, that Allah ﷻ himself sanctified.

This is the land that Allah ﷻ mentioned in the Quran.

This is the land on which the second Masjid on Earth was build.

This is the land from which the Messenger ﷺ was taken up to the Heavens to meet Allah ﷻ.

This is the land on which the Messenger ﷺ lead ALL the Prophets in Prayer.

This is the land we faced in Prayer  before the Kaabah.

This is the land on which the Angels of Allah are spreading their wings over.

This is the land on which Isa Ibn Maryam عليه السلام will kill the biggest Fitnah on Earth, the Dajaal.

This is the land on which (the Prophet ﷺ said) the best of the inhabitants of Earth will reside where Prophet Ibrahim migrated (I.e. Jerusalem).

This is the land on which the Prophet Musa عليه السلام requested from Allah ﷻ to let him die close to it, so much so that he would be just a distance of a stone’s throw away form it.

We seek closeness to Allah ﷻ by loving this land. Betrayal of this land is betrayal of Allah ﷻ and His Messenger ﷺ. And it’s forbidden for a believer to betray Allah and His Messenger.

So now inform me, how exactly does the enemy of Allah assume that we will give up on this land???

When the Palestinians say they will die protecting this land, they actually mean it for the reasons above.

 #SaveAlAqsa #Savepalestine


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