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Inspirational and tearful story of Daugter of Ummah Ayesha Fatima

 Inspirational and tearful story of Daugter of Ummah Ayesha Fatima

Her journey from Sikhism to islam

Manday (Ayesha Fatima )has left everything for islam including beloved parents 

Ayesha Fatima 

Before accepting Islam, her name was Mandy.

Ayesha ( then Mandy) is from Utter Pradesh. Aisha did his schooling in Utter Pradesh and later moved to Bangalore to pursue further studies.

Fatima did her Masters in Business studies from Bangalore University.

In 2012 during her MBA , a junior told her about her Islam and pardah in Islam.

After that she did research about Islam and was inspired. Later she accepted Islam.

Aisha told her dad about accepting Islam via SMS.

Her fami ly tried hard to convert her, but Aisha stood firm and said she cannot stay away from Islam.

Her family stopped giving her money or any other support and she had to live in small madrassa in Bangalore.

During that period Aisha also learned Arabic.

After her family abandoned her Aisha got a job in school where she earned some money, but had to leave the job, as they demanded to leave the veil ( parda), so Aisha quit the job and preferred veil. Aisha has been living in Kashmir since 2017 and considers it her honor to be in kashmir.

Currently Aisha lives in Srinagar and working as a administrator in one of the best school in malbagh Srinagar(Ingenious school ).

Aisha says she is thankful to Almighty Allah , who gave her strength to accept Islam.

We pray to Allah to guide Aisha and all of Muslim ummah to right path.

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