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An Inspirational story of Young Orphan MBBS Doctor Dr ishfaq

 An Inspirational story of Young Orphan MBBS Doctor Dr ishfaq

Today we will talk about young doctor from Kreeri Baramulla who just completed his MBBS degree: Ishfaq Ahmad

Ishfaq Ahmad hailing from Kreeri Baramulla comes from a poor family with big dreams.

Ishfaq's father died of stomach cancer when Ishfaq was just 8 years old.

Ishfaq is the youngest from his family.

Ishfaq became the first from his family to pass board exams.

Interesting thing about ishfaq is that he and his friend decided to quit studies due to poor financial conditions of his family.

But his mother persuaded and supported him to continue his studies. She worked hard to support  his studies. Ishfaq experienced depression, anxiety and despair when his father died, but his mother supported him to get through these tough times.  

Ishfaq has no money to pay his tution fee or his rent.He is first metric pass from his family 

Her mother sold Bangles for his tuition fees

He is first to enter GMC srinagar from Tehsil Kreeri after decades together...

His mother worked hard

She used to do shawl work by late hours of the night

Now he is fond of giving guest lectures in NGOs to help the students of the same background to achieve their goals...

Acc to him , to help the students from humble backgrounds has become the first priority of his life......

Ishfaq passed his 10th and 12th board exams with distinction and topped all the batches upto class 12.

Ishfaq says his focus is only on medical studies and want to help poor people.

Ishfaq is the inspiration for young student and we hope he keeps inspiring and helping people.


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