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A woman with Kashmir ‘lineage’ makes her name in skies

 A woman with Kashmir ‘lineage’ makes her name in skies

25-yr-old Ayesha becomes youngest female pilot of India

Srinagar, Feb 04: Kashmiri youth have made their name in every field whether it is sports, education or anything else. A 25-year-old Ayesha Aziz, with a Kashmir lineage, has become India's youngest pilot, making her parents proud.

Ayesha’s father resides in Mumbai while her mother belongs to Kashmir. The country's youngest pilot grew up in Mumbai only where she completed her studies and achieved her goal of life.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Ayesha said she has been aspiring to become a pilot since her childhood. “Becoming youngest pilot was not important for me, but what exactly is joyous is that I have achieved my dream and goal of my life,” she said

“I did my studies and grew up in Mumbai. As my mother belongs to Kashmir, we were putting up in the Valley for a long time after my schooling. After completing Class 12th, we stayed in Kashmir for nearly four years. I have been flying in and out of Kashmir for my training and for other purposes after my High Schooling,” she said.

She said as a kid of the mother who belongs to Kashmir, she was often flying there and that’s how she developed interest in flying. “I knew that I wanted to be a pilot when I was in my middle school as I love to travel; I love the entire concept of flying. It fascinated me. Traveling, learning different languages, tasting the world and all these things made me sure that this is what I wanted to become in my life,” she said.

“What is more dynamic than being the one who is piloting an aircraft that’s weighing 70 ton machine and you have the power to pilot it and you are working against gravity. So these things really fascinated me and that’s why I wanted to become the one. I never thought about working from 09-05 jobs. I always wanted to do something adventurous, which is dynamic. There are changes in this field and that’s why I preferred this only,” she said.

Ayesha got her first license to fly an aircraft when she was 16-years-old. “Soon after getting my first license, I got a commercial license after that very shortly,” she said.

Asked about becoming the youngest Indian female pilot, Ayesha stated that she is glad that she has achieved her dream. “I feel it is controversial that I have become the youngest or something else. What is more soothing to hear that I have achieved what I always dreamt of,” she said.

Appealing the Kashmiri children to focus on their target and don’t bother to think about the society, Ayesha Aziz said, “There would be people who will speak against you. But, one must remain more focused towards his/her goal so that it is achieved.”

While appealing parents to support their children in their desires and aspirations, Ayesha said, “The children can’t go ahead until and unless they have the support of their parents. The children are the responsibility of their parents. Parents play a pivotal role in fulfilling their dreams. They should give freedom to their children and let them pursue their goals.”

Talking about the love for Kashmir, Ayesha said she heaved a sigh of relief whenever she visits Valley. “I heave a sigh of relief in Kashmir. I hold a very strong identity of myself from the place where my mother belongs to. Even when I am in Mumbai, I only sip Nun Chai. I always prefer Kashmiri food. Despite spending most of the time outside Kashmir, I know my language (Kashmiri) very well and often speak in this language,” she said.

Besides achieving her goal by becoming a pilot, Ayesha further stated that she desires and loves to do humanitarian service in her life. “I want to help the poor and needy in my life. I am looking forward to collaborating with UNICEF soon to do humanitarian work. Even during lockdown, I was associated with many NGOs in Kashmir and we did some great work. I will love to do humanitarian works again in the future,” 25-year-old Pilot said—(KNO)


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