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I was the girl who was told by doctors that I will never be able to have kids,

 Power of Allah

I was the girl who was told by doctors that I will never be able to have kids,

Due to my health issues.

Being Osteoporosis patient since my teen age, Having Spinal issues including Hrniated Disc and what not...

But still i m the Woman... Believing in Miracles. If u ask me do u believe in Miracles..?? i would say Yes again and again. ❤️

Whatever i have been through my whole life, today if i m smiling, m moving... & m Up... is not less than any miracle.

When i was told by doctors that i will never be able to have kids..

But i concieved in the first month after getting married... Doctors advised us to Abort the baby.. But Allah knew that i can die but i can never do this..

I started praying day and night that Oh Allah.. The way u make it possible for me to get pregnant.. make it possible too that i will be able to carry it till End.

Make my journey Easy Oh Allah..!! 🙏🙏

i kept praying with faith and Hope.❤️

i always had High risk pregnancies.

me and my husband started feeling more than blessed to have a little angel in our lives.

We never asked for more.

The next time i concieved.... when i visited doctor after 4 months of getting pregnant... i had a shock to knew that m expecting Boy girl Twins..

Unknown fears started coming into my mind..

i didn't knew that how i will be able to do it?? how i will be able to carry it..

High Risk pregnancy, Severe Weight Loss, Falling from Moving Escalator, Unlimited Venofars and  drips.. Unlimited Tests and Scans, Thelesemia test and... Unknown fears of 9months..

But kept praying for miracle..

Allah gave me the strength and made it possible for me..

It was unbelievable for me and for everyone in my circle. people who knew about me and my condition still consider it a Miracle.

The last time... When we were mentally, physically, emotionally and even, financially not in the condition to  plan a baby.... we both were taking strict precautions and protections to avoid pregnancy &

We had another Little Miracle.

He came into the world giving me the Hope that he will be bringing Good luck and Good times for all of us. and I started believing it.

Just think for a second... Being Told that u will never be able to have kids but having Four kids mashaallah and Alhmdulillah.

What could be more special than these precious moments i held these little miracles in my Hands.

Alhmdulillah and MashAllah for everything. 

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