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Meet Ishfaq Hussain ; Kashmir’s emerging visual artist from Village Khanda in central Kashmir's Budgam

This article is about Ishfaq Hussain Mir, pen name Mehdi Mir, a visual artist hailing from Village Khanda in central Kashmir's  Budgam district.

 Reports : Mir Mehdi Mir 

Mehdi has been practicing different art forms like sketching, drawing, 3d modeling, painting, calligraphy etc from last 16 years. Initially it was his hobby but later on with the support of family, relatives & friends it became his passion & profession.

Currently Mehdi is known for his artworks especially Arabic & English Calligraphy & he has started his online business hub under the name THE ART SPHERE where one xan order any kind of art like sketches, calligraphy frames etc.

Mehdi Mir is looking for a new rising in the field of Visual Arts especially calligraphy & currently he is also giving visual art classes. 

Mehdi believes in self determination & strong will to be keys of success.

Mehdi is a strong believer of this quote, "Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build their's".It has been difficult but a wonderful journey to convert his hobby into profession. The idea of conversion grew stronger when he saw the demand of his art works. Day by day the demand for the artworks grew more & more and Mehdi switched from a BCA student to BVA (Bachelors in Visual Arts) student & perceived bachelors degree in visual arts & made visual arts his full time professional life.

Currently Mehdi makes his living by accepting orders for different art related works like Calligraphy, sketching, crafts etc


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