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Meet Hizib Zargar, first female Image Consultant in Kashmir

Meet Hizib Zargar, first female Image Consultant in Kashmir

‘Kashmir has lot of talent but needs counselling’

Srinagar, Aug 24: Hizib Zargar, 30, who hails from Srinagar is known for providing personal development, communication, confidence and grooming sessions to various people in the valley.

Hizib has completed her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Dubai and has counselled dozens of people who are now working at many important positions.

While talking with news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) Hizib said that, “After completing my MBA, I got an opportunity to work with government and semi government companies in Dubai but the thought of living and helping people of Kashmir always fascinated me”.

“After coming back from Dubai, some of my friends suggested me to appear for Kashmir Administrative services (KAS), I joined coaching but found lot of talented people most of them were shy and lacked better communication skills”, she added.

Hizib started her carrier as an operation head in a Satellite production company and used to counsel people at the company.

“When I started working for Satellite production I found that I can counsel people, it started off with the close friends and till today I have counselled some famous people like Magician Raja Adam, Actor Adil Pala, Singer Junaid Ahmad, Junaid Hanief Anchor and many others”, she told KNO

Hizib started her own company USLUB where she trains and counsels people at many levels but due to Covid operations have moved to Zoom and other social applications.

“My focus is on personality building, I train people till and work on their personality till they are groomed completely, My message to the people of Kashmir is not to forget our own culture, we can adapt the western culture but we should give preference to our culture”, she said.

Hizib stresses on youth and appeals them to focus on productive things rather than speeding time on social media.

“Mostly youth of Kashmir valley is addicted to social media and they should focus on utilizing the time in best way and the youth should stay away from drugs and value their lives”, she said—(KNO)

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