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Srinagar girl comes up Research Paper on Coronavirus

Says Plasma Therapy can’t be as effective as is believed, Gives a solution 

Srinagar, July 12: A Srinagar based girl student Sunday said that she has tirelessly worked on covid-19 since May 2020 and has come up with a Research Paper. 
Sehar Shameem Khan who studies in class 12 has challenged the conventional methods of treating Covid-19 Infection and has given some novel ideas of treating the virus.
 Sehar talked to news agency KNT about her research and discussed in detail how the Corona Virus could be treated before it actually is activated inside the host body. She believes that plasma therapy can not be as effective as is presently believed by the Doctors and people related with the medical field. Sehar has come up with a research paper.
While giving the gist of this Research Paper she says, “A tiny minute structure virus has brought the world on grinding halt. Virus is a tiny minute structure or infectious agent that replicates when it gets its host, there are millions of viruses in our environment with thousands of species of it, Corona virus is one among them which has taken species of humans as its host. Virus exists in an independent form of virons consisting of DNA or RNA that encode structure of protein by which the virus act.”
 “The mature virus particle of corona virus consists of an outer envelope with protein spikes, protein shell capsid which protects genetic material forming core of virus.”
“It works as a key to get inside a cell where it took cells inside machinery repurposing it to build a component of new Viruses. This key has a tendency to get locked with the cell membrane receptor. A process ENDOCYTOSIS occurs. Then a typical virus travels inside the sac of cell membrane to the cell nucleus then has its all genetic material, it directly act as a part of host cell Ribosomes which uses genetic material from virus to make viro proteins such as spikes. The cell membrane with the parts needed to create a new virus gather just beneath cell membrane when new virus begins to bud out from cell membrane. Virus directly attacks first mouth, nose, lungs. Once a small particle of virus gets inside mouth then it starts its work of multiplication and replication. Chemically viruses are Nucleoproteins which are made up of 2 components Proteins and nucleic acid (it is the infective agent) it forms the core of the virus which may be either DNA or RNA in corona virus it is RNA.
 She says virus has taken species of humans because the common thing between a cell and a virus is Nucleic acid or presence of DNA or RNA. As virus have no enzymes in them they remain in inactive outside the host cell and when they get inside the cell through ACE2 receptor they use machinery of cell to become active and start its multiplication in an increasing rate, they cannot themselves convert energy for multiplication they uses enzymes of host cell for rapid multiplication.
“The protein Angiotensin provides the entry point for the virus to infect human cells. According to a research it’s the ACE2 receptor for virus as ACE2 is found in epithelium of lungs, heart, kidney, liver etc.”
 “When virus binds to ACE2 receptor, it prevents ACE2 to perform its normal function to regulate ANGII signaling and making more ANGII which causes tissue injuries. As ACE2 function is important but when virus binds with ACE2 receptor it inhibits its function and produces more ANGII which causes injuries more to lungs and heart in COVID-19 patients. There is a clear way to stop this disease when virus is in inactive form without having touch with cell, it is possible to block cell membrane receptor ACE2 receptor as it will contribute to more injuries so according to me we should stop signaling of ANGII or minimize it without having impact on ACE2 so there would be no binding of virus with ACE2 receptor.”
 “As more ANGII is leading to cause more serious injuries and binding of virus with ACE2 produces more ANGII so, there is a chance of stopping signaling of ANGII protein.”
The 12th class student Sehar Shameem Khan says: “When there will be no binding of ACE2 with the virus, the virus will remain in inactive state as it was without having any impact on cell, it will float in body at that time we can trigger no of antibodies so that easily it will attack a foreign substance virus without any harm.”
“We can’t put our focus on immunity, as our body is having its own defense mechanism we can easily increase its number but when virus will be in its inactivation state. Now the person who is affected with the disease we can put the formula of blocking of signaling of ANGII protein, it will be effected on those cells which will be not infected, when remaining cells will not allow binding of virus antibodies will work at a fast speed and the infected cells could either die and new cells will emerge or antibody will kill the major effect of virus. There is no way to work on the inner side of virus because once the virus gets inside we can’t stop its multiplication,” she concluded. (KNT)

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