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Kashmiri Muslim Woman Donated Her Hajj Savings To Fight Against Coronavirus

A Muslim woman from Jammu and Kashmir decided to donate her savings to a Nobel cause. She decided to donate an amount totaling 500,000 INR to the Coronavirus Fund, she won billion of hearts already from around the world. Her kind story took the internet already and now everyone is sharing her story including me.

While Hajj is an emotional pillar of Islam for the Muslims, because for the first time a Muslim is going to visit the house of his or her GOD (ALLAH) on earth, and if you had already planned to visit the house of your lord in 2020 and suddenly a pandemic virus vanished it all the way, and you still want to earn reward from Almighty Allah, Khalida Begum 87 years old woman from Jammu and Kashmir Donated 5 Lakh INR to the COVID-19 Fund, she was saving her life long to perform Hajj this year, but as you all know Saudi Arabia is still confused whether the situation will become normal or not before the period of Hajj, so in an official interview from the Hajj minister of Saudi Arabia we get to know that the officer said "Do not make any further plans for the Hajj 2020, as the condition here in the Kingdom is not stable"

Khalida Begum wanted to utilize her Hajj saving for a good cause which can be beneficial for the welfare of mankind, so without wasting any time she decided to donate her life-long saved money for hajj to be utilized to save the lives of others suffering from this deadly life-threating virus.

Khalida Begum is one among those educated Muslim women from Jammu & Kashmir who studied in an English medium school and according to the sources her son was a retired Indian Police Service Officier (IPS) Farooq Khan, also both mother and son are highly recognized by the people of the Jammu and Kashmir.

May Allah bless her and her family, in the time of crises while everybody is trying to fill up their pockets, she invested her money for the welfare of the humankind, may Allah give her patience and soon call her to his house at Makkah. May Allah keep all of us healthy.

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