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81-years-Old mother dies after his Son beats her to death to please his wife in Egypt.

His mother had a disagreement with his beloved wife, he was in favor of her wife, so he locked her mother, started beating her and let her die alone bleeding and slowly. The name of the Mother is Zainab Sayyid Mahfouz used to stay with his married son in Alexandria, she died as she could not bear the hurting and beating his son caused.

The poor old lady has beaten ruthlessly bu her own son and died because she could not survive those injuries made by his son. The only crime which the mother did was she had a complaint of her daughter in law.

The daughter in law and wife of the son was so angry with her mother in law who was 81 years old that she complained to his husband and the son could not bear it and went upstairs and started beating his own mother after a while she started bleeding by her head and severe injuries caused her death.

She was then beaten in the hallway of the house when asked from neighbors they said that they found her covered with blood and badly injured in the hallway of the same house she used to live in with his son and daughter in law.

The son beat her and locked the house: The son firstly beat her to death to please her wife and then he locked the house and went with his wife to have dinner outside. Like how can somebody do this to his own mother? Is he was high on drugs or legal marijuana?

Indeed, the poor old 81 years old lady was left alone locked in the house bleeding, only the neighbor got a hint as he saw blood coming out from the main door of the house.
 When the neighbors and society members call for someone nobody responses hence they break the door and found the lady unconscious later she died.

The son confessed his crime in front of the officials and police, he was trying to escape but he was detained by the police. May no mother had a son as she had.

We pray that Zeinab Sayyid Mahfoz rests in peace and may Allah grant her Jannah and may Allah soften the hearts of the sons who are mad in love with their wives that they started killing their own mothers. May Allah forgives us all.

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